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tv   Cavuto  FOX Business  June 19, 2014 8:00pm-9:01pm EDT

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♪ my mom works at ge. ♪ >> neil: mr. president, enough. stand down. give up. sometimes it is better never them late to wake up to the mess that is the rack now and the harsh reality. you are too late. that is a former top commander in iraq warnings that we only get ourselves into the middle of a sectarian fight than that air strikes calling against the fighters for only make things worse. that it means it is a more inclusive government to recognize that need to day
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but already you are too late on that and everything else taken from general petraeus and so many others in the man who says now it is up to factions there to get themselves out of their own hell. we had a chance to make things better but we bought a stake and had our chance to make good on threats but did not do what and desperate art -- air strikes will not change it so tonight dragging your feet for so long did nothing to address the of corruption of the maliki government. are we done? that this truly is iraq's problem now. those are my thoughts. we're interested in your ears. #cavuto throughout the show we will share them but now to the real expert world bank president formally you paul wolff olins. good to have you here in the
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flash. what do you make of the argument that it is too late ? >> we had a lot more options earlier. it is henry kissinger who formulated correctly when i have a lot of options if you wait until the threat is clear the options are limited but this is a real threat. believes me with great hesitation may disagree with general petraeus but it is wrong to call this just a sectarian conflict. it is but that has another dimension that is deeply concerned and not just iraq but syria and libya and northern pakistan called al qaeda. americans may have the trouble understanding the difference between sunni and shechem with the a understand al qaeda. >> there is some differences in how fast they should kill us. excuse me. [laughter] neil: he thinks that get
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involved will only exacerbate all of this? >> i think there are two things that need to be done and first is to stop the advance by the jihadist is proud of the greek to most americans but the black flag sam costumes carrying slogans and they do have differences with the leadership but give me a break. neil: are there more brutal? >> yes. the thoughts are disturbing. apparently dozens of people so they pose a global threat and to stop the advance is an iraq.
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and to help moderate syrians this is not just accuracy sunni or she had. neil: but isn't maliki the reason why we have problems? >> we're trying to save what is left with iraq and with that leverage with this respect basically our position has to be inclusive government that maliki is already disqualified. neil: would you have a problem with that government? >> always the diplomat. >> but whenever we do now is too little too late to. a and would delay the inevitable has the rush of soldiers in vietnam.
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what do you think? >> with the of massive invasion of the best trained armies in the world. not an impressive force which do so disappointing. but year note if the suns, excuse me if you are capture your be headed. the panic sets in fairly quickly. neil: if they did not get ourselves involved right now they would take back? >> there would be your real bloodbath. neil: what about the 275 soldiers? >> there better be a good evacuation plan but is not wrong to stop the of finance but it is wrong to be calmed
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general petraeus is a phrase that we have discretion over how our help is used and remember the problem became and in syria it is part of american neglect. >> a.m. then generally speaking the unwillingness to yield gephardt of modern sunni. the fight is sunni moderates purse the extremist. neil: but the president just looks to get out than to is there any reason to get out? >> again, i am not good at reading o opinion.
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>> then their eyes glaze over but al qaeda they hit us all on 9/11. neil: be think it is inevitable? but now into a three part country? and then it is not the same iraq and such a divided country as if we have to work at the nuclear center of activity? >> not all sunni are eight al qaeda most of them are not but to create a eight receive effective autonomous reason can -- region can be our allies there is a lot of reasonable shia. neil: when you say we should
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not give up, what do we do? >> we should make it clear we are ready to support anyone who is serious about fighting al qaeda event of a second test of seriousness that you are inclusive to bring in all the other people that can fight al qaeda. neil: that is like after egypt fell. >> there are tests and petraeus is living proof he can discern of those who could work with us. there are a few others but not asking for them to be jeffersonian democrats but by middle eastern standards reasonably decent to fight
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the enemy and it is the 10 -- dangerous enemy to tell americans what we should be most concerned about. neil: paul wolfowitz knows this region better than anyone. gas prices are climbing with all of this. not a surprise but what is is, of the politicians say in the middle of this dash gas tax? after this.
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that helps moms stay on track with their doctors and get the right care and guidance-before and after the baby is born. simple is good right now. (anncr vo) innovations that work for you. that's health in numbers. unitedhealthcare. neil: is this instability in iraq were not enough to push up gas prices is no bipartisan push to hayek the gas tax it is taking hold. one politician said $0.40 a gallon? bad timing? now to our fox business all stars. timing is everything but not now? >> this is definitely not a program. let the crisis in iraq in the use sea oil prices on the rise but this is bad
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public policy of $164 billion of matter how you slice it. is anti-growth also all across america now try to take summer vacations and cannot do it. if you see that it directly burgeons america's families and food prices are going up, a transportation that comes into stores as well because they use the roads. so it will impact a lot of people. >> the argument for this is to help the of roads in and bridges but what happens to the $120 billion reid devoted through tolls and taxes? but leaving that aside will that go to that? >> historically has not.
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i hope it goes down maypop whole budget historically it doesn't it goes to landscaping or museums or a bicycle path. but we're such data curious point why raise it now? of the prices go up because of boyle nobody will drive some there are no taxes to collect. remember clinton bashed the cast tax hike to exacerbate the inequality than the user fee. brendon republican senator says raise the cast taxing and it is. >> the inequality thing the president's aides he, he cares about is what kills me at exactly the time when investors make a fortune god bless them but they do that because of the easy money and well they say inflation
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is not a problem because they don't include gas prices or food that kills the middle-class. so exactly what they are killed by the price increases they will increase the paid by raising the tax on gas it is contrary to what the president claims that he believes in to end the inequality between rich and pour. neil: i have a congressman here and others but when the notion that it will go that is only targeted for that but the history have to do because it has been a 20 years. it seems like perverse logic >> it seems to be one of the reasons every reason they
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give a tax but then let's get the budget you wonder where the money goes. i think they can / elsewhere instead of trying to raise taxes i believe it is a war on families it is ineffective. >> it is our real lock box and watch this worked into an argument for creating jobs. every time they talk about the gas tax. >> because of the of roads and bridges. >> that is house. >> and besides from i am from the government and i am here to help they are hurting the of middle-class. they cannot afford another one like this. >> do the red grand kids
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when i first moved to new jersey. >> and they're all working at less time when you are on the run. >> meanwhile the silicon valley ceo who says there is a connection between the president's tumbling poll numbers and big government. one-third of people do not trust the government, do not trust institutions in general. next. unlimited cash back. let that phrase sit with you for a second. unlimited. as in, no limits on your hard-earned cash back. as in no more dealing with those rotating categories. the quicksilver card from capital one. unlimited 1.5% cash back on everything you purchase, every day. don't settle for anything less.
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neil: en did this is the kick in the pants.
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enough already the of bloom is off and they don't trust government headed has gotten so bad they don't even trust the institution of marriage and are that cynical and jaded. what do you think of what is going on? it is a reflection of failed government? >> and had 16 consecutive years of big government goes back up under george to view bush so i am not completing democrat or republican but the investment that the country can afford to make with the public sector that is a tory is a inefficient every betty gets a smaller piece of the pie. and intel government gets smaller that will not change
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neil: a perverse logic is it is good health care is such a debacle to be reminded of the huge inefficiencies that it serves to remind people of government taking on too much and doing too much. that might be a good thing bringing in people for what government can do and what it shouldn't do and maybe that is reflected in these polls that call for change and government. >> it has say practical cast but i don't think we can afford a head of a victory to administration has done a good job but am i willing to enter the country to prove they're not very good? i rather avoid the injury to
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get less damage than by convincing them. neil: what if it is already too late? said people are more inclined to support people to disentangle to grayback the omnibus health care? focus on people who will dial it to back? >> i think there will be a backlash and i hope it does not produce the same problem because the next president which may be a republican says i.m. republican so i am a conservative we will be in the same suit government needs to get smaller. i want to get them off of my pocket and i don't care for the next person is republican or democrat but
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the classic example is bill clinton. i thought he would be a big spender but if you look at the economic record it was not that bad. neil: but there is a division within the republican party to say that they had to do with the war alan terror but you are quite right for all those that were not paid for but that is the difference in some of love of the renegades. where do you stand? >> as i get older i stopped looking at things republicans and democrats or pink or blue. but if that incumbent tries to cause problems if they're
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willing to re-enter the country to prove the other guy is wrong then get out. neil: okay. next time let me know how you feel. always a pleasure. >> thank you know, . neil: is equally blunt ceo who is not too keen on what the president is doing to bring in the coal industry. of lot think he tries to kill it. after this. fice and thank you for your bravery. thank you colonel. thank you daddy. military families are uniquely thankful for many things, the legacy of usaa auto insurance can be one of them.
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[ male announcer ] it's one of the most amazing things we build and it doesn't even fly. we build it in classrooms and exhibit halls, mentoring tomorrow's innovators. we build it raising roofs, preserving habitats and serving america's veterans. every day, thousands of boeing volunteers help make their communities the best they can be. building something better for all of us. ♪ neil: you don't have to be paranoid these days. you have every reason to be perverted the coal industry these days.
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new rules to require everyone to be cleaner and meaner with regulation could mean 30 percent higher bills for us. >> good to see here. of. >> not just the assaults on colbert a totally and a dangerous takeover with the greenhouse gas regulations of the electric power grid and low-cost electricity in america no more electricity generation of less is approved. a total bypass the of the regulatory commission. neil: what has he required you to do? clean up your act? what is the deal. >> the emissions of carbon dioxide have been reduced
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and is not only on the power point sources but to demand renewable energy and gas-fired plants run as 70% and demanding nuclear plants continue to run. it is setting up an entire formula for the power period that the country will have to live with all controlled by the united states epa. it is unachievable and not workable. this is a dangerous situation whose electric rates are already going up. neil: but people say even if you support the president's
8:31 pm
views now was not the time. you account for 40 percent of that new energy picture taking half a world away i don't want to be beholden to the guys over there. if the president is all in then prove it. >> went end a solar if the wind is blowing and if the sun shines leading to the destruction. >> feudal believe that all is in a strategy? ltd. is beyond coal companies because their lives are destroyed pro-british is there redistribution of a higher plan to get government
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control over the electric power system in this country i grew up for and people with a fixed income and the poverty-stricken people will be hurt the worst dan should be scared to death about what mr. obama and the epa have done and also a manufacturer could not because low-cost electricity is a staple of life. we have to have low-cost electricity. the man destroys it. neil: i will ask you a question but do you think this has to do with politics? >> this is the tit-for-tat. >> plan for those he
8:33 pm
perceives as outspoken against him would this come to pass if you wish your mouth. >> maybe. it may have i cannot speculate. i spent 58 years working in the electric utility and industry and i am scared to death for our country as a man who grew up for for fixed incomes and retirees for the of poverty-stricken. what he is doing is destroying the most reliable the lowest cost power grid the world has ever seen and by 2030 we will be down from that down to 14% he kills the kilowatt a lecture city to replace it. it cannot be done it is unachievable and it is still
8:34 pm
legal. how he has used the clean air act to get the regulations out is illegal. i have for lawsuits against the administration right now for state's attorney general's have joined us. this will have traction and will be litigated for some time but in the meantime, sir, 411 coal-fired power plants 100,000 megawatts will be shut down while it is being litigated. this is very scary to me. but i have a feeling you are not. bob murray. good to see you again. hang in there. more after this.
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in number that was a victim or the car was compromise? my next guest says you can leading the $10 billion lawsuit against gm claiming in have the value of the cars that owners have right now. the attorney leading that suits reid did if you own and gm cars. >> the argument has devalued all brands with the ignition switch. but they are on fire with a sales gimmick that is the same after toyota after they recalled 2.5 million cars they gave dealers a huge
8:39 pm
incentives to keep the sails up and gm is doing the same thing. the roar -- there was of market appreciation. neil: but bin in terms of the perceived value. >> we have seen efforts of $3,000 or more depending on the cover model. neil: $10 billion? >> i took 15 million karzai was being conservative in this category with some number around $1,000 and came up with 15 billion but we said tend to be conservative. neil: you must know there is no chance in hell you will get that stuff like that is what people said with toyota
8:40 pm
and i got 1.6 billion. that started with priests -- was searching cars. >> but it didn't start off like that. >> is start off with the government announcing there was no problem note unintended in acceleration problem. neil: but have you heard from gm? >> the only thing is doing is to take the entire case thrown out through the bankruptcy court. neil: but they do have a compensation fund. that is earmarked for those with the ignition problem so you have to sue outside the compensation fund? >> correct to say.
8:41 pm
neil: new say gm has already said it proclaimed it was all pre-bankruptcy's stuff and there are responsible? >> as of right now every case file to date they are all from the bankruptcy fire sale orders. >> you were good enough to know with the bankruptcy filing how will you distinguish the are empowering back then are the same now? >> you will make two arguments the first is the new case so it was when it cannot of bankruptcy's so that sale order does not apply to the new gm car
8:42 pm
sales. with the old sales i am positive we will win that because the people who bought these cars did not know they had a claim. gm conceal the claim as a matter of due process they were required to give notice by mail that they had a claim and they did not do so neil: we will watch very closely. and we call the gm for a statement but they did not give us one hillary clinton did throat gets in trouble for the comment now president obama is a dirt rich? director first lady does not get paid and she works pretty hard. obviously we are okay. [ female announcer ] we love our smartphones. and now telcos using hp big data solutions are feeling the love, too. by offering things like on-the-spot data upgrades --
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>> i want her to get what she rightfully deserves as a man doing the same job because that helps our family. i will say the first lady is a bad example because the first lady does not get paid she works pretty hard. obviously we are okay. neil: i know he is making a joke but did you ever think through what you were saying? with her being dead broke coming out of the whitehouse although they made $100 million the president forgets the fact his wife lives in a very nice house with the taxpayers' expense and when they both leave office they will do quite well but i digress. to our all stars, here we go again.
8:47 pm
if the republican made comments like that mitt romney 47% all over again. >> no kidding. he got a lot of flak for what he said then you see this i thought joe biden was responsible for these gaffes then president obama says something that the first lady does not get paid is a we should have pity and the program so we force taxpayers to pay for like the school lunch whatever shopping sprees, the dresses and lavish vacation i think she has 20 people on staff witches of more than anybody neil: i say nothing against the 20 people but don't tell me about how you hurt. it does not look good. >> it seems like it comes
8:48 pm
off to be in touch with everybody but then what did digest's say? and it looked like he was drowning on driving and. by the end of veg. but he appears to be out of touch like he accused the romney to be out of touch and 10 and million paper permanently out of the labor force. neil: being go. but not to use equal pay as a distraction. >> but the fact he would attempt to assume no word like sacrifice could be used and not just while they are in office they get the speeches and lobbies that is when they're real millions will start to pour into whole notion of a public servant sacrificing to work for the government is out the window it is an insult
8:49 pm
to the intelligence of the people to make that argument and people don't buy it. neil: it is one paying issue was doing this but switching gears on the same subject subject, the whole people of controversy it is not diverse enough company the ceo is a woman with four out of ted workers are minorities, women, it seems to have gone much further than many to address that. >> there is twitter sprawls all over this causing an uproar with the subaru and sandal set. [laughter] neil: what did you call that? >>. [laughter] the issue is his gets
8:50 pm
computer science and engineering degrees in the classrooms? it is the asians. i.o.c. the asian male shortage but actually i do but who is getting a the job done and who'd you want to hire to make your bottom-line book better? >> your dog to find discrimination by renner perjury cent of numbers as someone who is discriminated against. my nicaraguan why if one dash wife says i hate the word minorities there is nothing weiner about me focus on individuals whole concept of minorities i thought we were beyond that. obviously not provide was hoping the president was the best beyond that but instead we are retrograde going backwards. >> but what is a little bit ironic so that is just a
8:51 pm
little bit hypocritical. >> the media and the left are responsible for though hold new diversity thing. looking at as a minority that is another issue we have to discuss. to have a female ceo that they're not diverse and 39 percent of the staff are asian american i don't understand why we have to break it down. it seems of tactics that the left uses to make the right to receive in sensitive but understand how it is left or right with the company hiring by filling positions not racial quotas and. >> you have better things to worry about. neil: like the oceans and though wailes. [laughter] and not just the female
8:52 pm
wailes. >> not just the right but that tech companies are insensitive. >> so the arbitrary issue is the nba racist because they don't have enough whites? >> exactly spares to get the best person for the job you don't discriminate based on color or gender or sexual preference but you get the best perfect -- person that you care regardless of color neil: i wonder if these are just the destruction in issued to get off the fact to a balance of the work force of the earlier point that is what happens of male or female you just need more people that is the problem. >> not enough are working and you have to realize who is getting the degrees from the tech industry? she had acted on the head not as many women are going into that industry as
8:53 pm
wightman or asian-american and. if you look at that and i just spent the weekend at the hub of this in palo alto you can see that is where the degrees are going. when they are hiring again based on positions that is what you hire for. >> is the change wedge issue neil: in the. harry reid is on its. ♪ [ girl ] my mom, she makes underwater fans
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medical conditions and medications. serious side effects could include increased sk of prostate cancer, worsening prostate symptoms, decreased sperm count, ankle, feet or body swelling, enlarged or painful breasts, problems breathing while sleeping and blood clots in the legs. common side effects include skin redness or irritation where applied, increased red blood cell count, common side effects include skin redness headache, diarrhea, vomiting, and increase in psa. ask your doctor about axiron. neil: what is the deal with americans losing trust in their government, if you keep letting people down, that is what happens, they stop believing in you, in record numbers, how can we trust a government who picks and chooses what laws to enforce, and disregards our constitution. and punch yourself in the face, if you took you this long to lose trust in the government. anyway, midwest, i have not lost
8:57 pm
trough in the government, just the people we put in there to work it, get it out. should government force redskins owner to change the name, harry reid. >> issue regarding the name redskins is important to everyone of those tribes. every time they hear this name, a sad reminder of long tradition of racism. neil: he helped get u.s. patten office to take away trade marks relateed to redskins this is scary. way beyond whether you are a native american, rob tweets doesn't senator reid have more pressing matter to take care of. >> did dan snide ircontribute to g.o.p., that is only thing that explains this.
8:58 pm
and dan writes, sad, harry reid is worried more about the redskins than fixing the v.a. >> he does have his priorities screwed up. >> and neil, i think you should be forced to change your name, i am starting now to bill o'reilly, but then i thought better. and why doesn't government just change the name to washington handouts? the liberals will love it. and state of ocean in midst of this crisis in iraqi was saying all like moby dicks, it is fitting he is holding a conference on oceans since he is in a sinking ship. i know where you going with that, rose said oceans are so much more important than terrorist in iraq, you are right. >> don with this administration
8:59 pm
there is no crisis more important than climate change except cancels obama's golf dates, that is a big crisis, then, you work with nice working looking people, now i know why you are always giggling. at least pete or my side, far for all of neil cavuto's doubters, he just had his hair cut, toupees do not grow, idiots, you too you to shea. shea. >> i have never mentioned calvin coolidge on this show or any shore, global warming yes, because they quickly changed that to climate change. but calvin coolidge, i want you
9:00 pm
to leave righ now. i am waiting, all right, i say good-bye, good night. >> robots that is stand in for humans are under development. >> they are fast and intelligent. john: what will that mean? eternal life? >> also, will robots takeover the workplace. >> a robot is easier to employees than a human being, they are never late for work, and never ask for a raise. john: it would be good to replace drivers. >> a car that drivers itself. john: and designer babies. >> giving parents a opportunity to build a baby, choosing eye color, and skin tone and more. john: come on, we have to be willing to say, not everything that i can do should. >> i should we, can we? a new word


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